The Power of Merchandising

organic produce sign graphic design retailWith spring just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about freshening up your retail displays of organic produce. Warmer weather means more picnics, refreshing salads and waistline reducing smoothies. Best of all, selling more produce, such as Organics Unlimited organic bananas means higher revenue overall. According to findings in the Power of Produce Report from the Food Marketing Institute, shoppers who purchase fresh produce spend an average of $20 more than the average shopper, and $30 more than shoppers who don’t purchase produce. One of the reasons produce sales mean bigger revenues is because produce has penetrated other consumption occasions. The rising popularity of juicing, as well as healthy snacking and breakfast options, translates to more incentives for the average consumer to peruse and purchase produce. Nearly two-thirds of supermarket shoppers will buy produce.

Although consumers are already purchasing more produce, strategic merchandising is still of high importance, as this presents a great opportunity for retailers to draw consumers to other products through cross-merchandising. The Power of Produce Report shows nearly half of impulse buys in the produce department are a direct result of merchandising displays which are eye-catching and informative. These displays are not only good for attracting consumers, but also for informing them about the quality and freshness of the product.

Nearly 60% of shoppers are looking to know more about where their food comes from, especially when it comes from organic farms like the fresh, quality organic bananas from Organics Unlimited. In fact, last year organic produce accounted for $4 billion in produce sales. Environmentally friendly produce that is also grown in a sustainable way is a top priority for consumers, most notably amongst Millennials.  With 75% of consumers reporting that they would like to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, strategic merchandising is a great way for retailers to drive up consumption rates. At Organics Unlimited, we are proud that our organic bananas give consumers exactly what they are looking for: a fresh, healthy, certified organic option that is also grown with respect for our communities, our growers and our environment!

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