The Organic Process of Bananas and Sustainability

The Organic Process of Bananas and Sustainability

Everything about growing bananas and the organic process comes full circle when sustainability is involved. It’s important to keep in mind how much growing organic leads to a sustainable life for your customers. Not only are you keeping your customers safe with the fruit they eat, but also the earth.

From the farm to the grocer to your customer’s homes, every aspect of sustainability is taken into consideration in the cultivation process of our bananas. When you grow conventional bananas there is a lot fumigation and chemicals that affect the workers and the land. These chemicals also kill microorganisms, which are actually vital in the organic growing process.

Many believe that they are not ingesting these unnatural contaminants because of the peel, but in fact it is the opposite.

Not only is the body affected by the chemicals ingested from conventionally grown bananas, when someone throws away the peel, the chemicals go along with it; and that goes back into the earth. Let your customers know that they are doing themselves and the earth a favor when they buy organic. Organic is better for them, now, and for future generations.

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