The Many Layers of Quality

Quality begins with the growing process, but in order to ensure that it is kept to the fullest, quality must be maintained all the way through merchandising in retail outlets. Cap displays lay the foundation for sales and the store’s reputation. It’s simple: If a display is less than exemplary, a consumer will most likely not purchase the product. Although bananas pretty much sell themselves, putting a little extra effort to increase the quality of your merchandising will surprisingly return the favor. Continue reading after the jump.

Eighty-nine percent of all consumers purchase bananas throughout the year. Bananas have a higher potential to sell if a more aesthetic display is offered. Consumers not only want to be informed of a product, they also want choices as well. This means ample shelf space, a variety of color/ripeness and a focus on quality.

The larger the display, the better chance you will have to sell the product. An optimum display would be anywhere between 4 to 12 feet, depending on the size of your store. You can also create multiple displays throughout the store. Placing your produce toward the checkout or near foods that complement your produce will also increase sales.

Sizing, colors and space are not the only components when forging the highest quality of standards for your display. To make your produce stand out, be sure to enable cross marketing efforts. Any kind of signage or informational collateral that consumers can take away from your display will also make the product stand out. These can range from simple recipe cards to lifestyle displays.

Ensuring quality doesn’t stop when the banana has finished growing, it ends when the consumer has picked out what they want and has left satisfied with their purchase.

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