The Hunt for the Altered Ad Continues!

Our March contest is still underway! Furthering our campaign in major trade publications and websites, our mission to promote quality continues through April.

In February we received a great response from our last promotional opportunity and are still optimistic that we will find a lucky winner for this month’s contest! This month, we have three ads (example above) submitted to three different industry websites/publications; one of which is altered in some way. We would like you to tell us what was changed and where you found the altered ad! Simply reply to us on our Facebook page, tweet us, or let us know on LinkedIn – be the first to respond correctly to earn a prize!

Organics Unlimited is still all about quality, which is recognized by a quote from Aristotle, “Quality is not an act. It’s a habit.” This year’s Famous Quotes campaign includes attractive point of purchase materials as well as merchandising ideas that give shoppers incentives to purchase more organic bananas.

Will you be the lucky gift card winner? Good luck!

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