The History of the Organics Unlimited Banana

A couple days ago as I chatted with my grandfather, I stumbled upon an interesting piece of history: the reason my grandfather began organic banana production. I had always assumed he grew organic bananas because of the growing demand for organic produce, but I was wrong!

In 1972, my grandfather met a man named Craig Silly, a flower child with a love for garlic milkshakes and funky moustaches. Mr. Silly became my grandfather’s client after he discovered and fell in love with the great tasting bananas. Curious, he asked him how he grew the fruit. My grandpa described a truly natural process that included watering the fruit with the river water that flowed through the farms. When Mr. Silly realized that my grandfather was growing organic bananas, he promptly partnered with him to become the first organic banana wholesaler in the United States.

I love this story, not only because it is the defining moment in the creation of a family business that spans three generations, but because of the small detail that took me off guard: my grandfather didn’t even realize he was growing organic bananas! He tells me that he did not know there was such a thing as “organic,” he had just been growing bananas the way generations before him did…naturally.

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