The End of the School Year: GROW Students Dulce and Isaías

1472904_943905875621119_8301473608430783279_nGROW by Organics Unlimited was created 10 years ago as a way to involve consumers in raising funds to assist the communities where Organics Unlimited bananas originate from. With the financial support of GROW banana purchases, Project Amigo is able to provide residents of the Colima, Mexico regionwith literacy, vision, dental and hearing clinics and also helps establish children’s educational programs, scholarships and boarding homes.

Many students in Colima would not be able to continue their studies past a young age if it weren’t for the educational scholarships that GROW banana purchases fund. In honor of the end of the school year, we’d like to highlight some success stories of GROW scholars turning into young adults and pursuing their dreams.

“All is possible if you believe.”

Dulce (pictured above) is currently 22 years old and finishing her eighth and final semester of undergraduate studies as a graphic designer. She has been a GROW scholar for 9 years.

This year, Dulce particularly enjoyed her classes of business negotiation and learning about the world of business, generating business ideas and creating plans to bring them to life. Someday she wants to own her own company, so she appreciated learning skills such as cost analysis. She also really enjoyed her web design class and learning how to program websites.

Dulce’s plan this summer is to begin sending her resume and portfolio to businesses and gain a job in her field. She also wants to study English and practice with different programs and technical equipment that she didn’t have time to during the school year.

“Without the GROW program, I would have been working in the fields as is the destiny of those who don’t have the economic means to pursue higher education,” said Dulce.

“GROW has given me the opportunity to study and have a career.”

DSC04143Isaías (pictured above), like Dulce, is 22 years old and in his final semester of undergraduate studies for Geomatic Topographic Engineering. His favorite class was remote sensing, as it allows engineers to obtain base studies and satellite imagery without being in the physical location of the farm. He enjoys all his classes, though, as he understands that all the material he’s learning will help him in his chosen profession.

This summer, Isaías plans to finish his thesis and conclude his studies. He will begin looking for work once he has finished his program.

“GROW has given me the opportunity to be able to have a career in engineering,” said Isaías. “I’ve been able to interact and work with people, both students and professionals, including the love of my life with whom I’m now beginning a family.”

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