The Dollars and Sense of Ecuadorian Bananas

According to the International Trade Commission, Ecuador is the number one exporter of bananas worldwide. Three out of every 10 bananas eaten in the world are grown in Ecuador and are available year-round due to its favorable climate. The United States alone consumes 6.4 billion pounds of bananas per year.

In order to meet increased demand, Organics Unlimited recently expanded its operation to Ecuador, with the bulk of Organics Unlimited bananas grown in Mexico. Through standardizing growing from one farm to another, Organics Unlimited ensures the finest, consistent quality for their customers. The farms are chosen for their fertile soil, abundant rainfall and warm climate, all the conditions necessary to grow quality tropical fruits. Banana plantations are in very rural areas, surrounded by the growing of limes, mangos, guanabana and coconuts. All are organically certified. They are found throughout the states of Colima and Michoacan in Mexico as well as in Ecuador.

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