The 11 Best Valentine’s Day Recipes to Create for your Sweetheart

Best Valentines Day Recipes

Whether you’re skilled in the kitchen or a novice with a knife, cooking for your significant other always gains you points. This Valentine’s Day, create something that will excite all of the senses by using bananas. Today we’ve compiled a list of some of the best recipes for Valentine’s Day to put the sweet in sweetheart.

Savory and sweet, bananas are a fantastic ingredient to include when deciding on a Valentine’s Day treat. If you’re a retailer, take advantage of these recipes to give your customers the head start on their holiday planning. Giving them fresh options rather than falling back on past experiences can be exciting and new. Many people think strawberries and roses, but this year make them go bananas!

Recipe Whole Wheat Peanut Butter Banana Pancakes

Start their day off right with a heart breakfast with these Whole Wheat Peanut Butter Banana Pancakes.

Recipe Baked Banana French Toast Cups

Or get even more daring with these sweet Baked Banana French Toast Cups.

Recipe Black Bottom Banana Cupcake

For a midday snack, cook up a batch of these Black Bottom Banana Cupcakes.

Recipe Banana-Yogurt-Granola Muffins

Try something a little more daring with these Banana-Yogurt-Granola Muffins.

Recipe Banana Cinnamon Bread

Exemplify your baking skills. Prepare this Banana Cinnamon Bread that fuses the great taste of bananas with the awesome power of cinnamon.

Recipe Banana Carrot Bread with Cranberries

Want to show your loved one how adventurous you are? Try this recipe for Banana Carrot Bread with Cranberries packed with tons of ingredients full of amazing flavor.

Banana Chocolate Chip Sandwiches

For a simple dessert, these Banana Chocolate Chip Sandwiches are easy to make and are fun, tasty morsels.

Recipe Cold and Creamy Banana Pudding

As for a lighter dessert, this Cold and Creamy Banana Pudding will hit the spot. Full of rich, creamy flavors, the crunch of the wafers add excellent balance.

Recipe Banana Pudding Ice Cream Pie

You can’t go wrong with ice cream, but creating this Pudding Ice Cream Pie will prove your culinary expertise.

Recipe Caramel Banana Cake

F0r the ultimate dessert, this Caramel Banana Cake will truly impress your valentine. You may not even get a chance to taste it once they see it.

Banana Split

If all else fails, create a banana split or dip bananas in dark chocolate syrup!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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