Taste the Difference: Sample Organic Bananas to Kids

Taste the Difference Sample Organic Bananas to Kids

They say the way into the heart is through their stomach, which is why sampling your products is one of the best tactics to influence your consumers to buy. With so much debate on GMO, food productions, and health conscious options, organic bananas are the perfect choice to sample in your store. And to gain the maximum amount of customers your best bet is to reach out to children.

Adults can be mainly stuck in their ways, but if you are able to influence a generation of kids growing up to eat healthier with organic bananas, it would make a world of difference with the parent consumers. It’s no debate that our kids are one of the top influences in the way we buy our groceries and should be the focus of your merchandising. This is why it is important to present a healthy alternative option for parents.

By presenting children with organic bananas you are opening doors to a new world. When parents learn how much better it is for them and kids discover they are tastier than their conventional bananas, they will go running to mom or dad to buy right then and there. And how could they say no to their kids wanting to eat healthy?

Through quick cuts of organic bananas or simple recipes that we have provided, you will spark more traffic to your produce section. The best part about pairing bananas with fun recipes is that they get the kids involved with their parents in the kitchen and its a chance to cross promote with necessary ingredients to complete the food item.

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