Take Advantage of Dairy Month and Fresh Fruit and Veggie Month

Take Advantage of Dairy Month and Fresh Fruit and Veggie Month.jpgThroughout June, celebrate Dairy Month as well as Fresh Fruit and Veggie Month with your customers. Bananas make the perfect ingredient for healthy recipes or choice alternatives to greasy salty snacks. Make great use of June by promoting ways your customers will stay healthy with bananas.

Make sure your fruit is front and center during June. Whether you pair your bananas with other fruits and veggies to accentuate Fresh Fruit and Veggie Month or you choose to put bananas near the cereal aisle, there are many ways to take advantage of both of these wonderful months.

Give your customers tips on how they can become more healthy this summer. Instead of adding croutons to a salad, inform your customers they can use bananas for a lighter, more full meal. If you promote picnics or BBQs, give them the idea to create a fruit salad or create frozen banana popsicles for dessert.

Aside from bringing bananas into cereal, they are a fantastic ingredient for desserts or creating a banana split of course. Find recipes that call for dairy and bananas, print them off, and give them to your customers as little shopping lists to try something new.

Cross marketing your bananas with other products is a sure fire way to invigorate your sales and put a fresh spin on your produce. Put bananas in the spotlight and have fun celebrating Fresh Fruit and Veggie Month and Dairy Month.

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