Sell More Bananas During Stress Awareness Month

Stress Awareness Month Organics Unlimited Bananas

Since 1992, April has been dubbed Stress Awareness Month. Use this month to your advantage and increase your banana sales. Increase your customers’ awareness of bananas as stress relievers, and you’ll see them flying off the shelves. In this day and age, everyone needs a quick fix, why not hand them the solution on a silver platter? Read more

Bananas Are Perfect For Stress Awareness Month

Bananas are a great solution to lowering stress, and considering a point-of-purchase display option for stress relievers would be a perfect way to convey this message to your customers. Along with bananas, you could cross promote other stress-relieving foods that could complement each other. Asparagus, almonds, nuts, brown rice, green tea, tuna, and red bell peppers some of the healthy choices that are stress reducers.

April is stress awareness month and there is no better food to relieve stress than bananas! When it comes to maintaining your physical health, you must consider your mental health because both go hand-in-hand. Lowering your levels of stress can help improve your immune system, increase your memory, provide you with better sleep, segue into weight-loss, and even bring a more positive outlook on life.

Knowing that bananas have all of these great benefits, your customers who are trying to stay healthy will truly appreciate you looking out for their well-being. Not everyone thinks of these benefits while shopping for groceries, and displaying these kinds of tips will have them putting bananas on the top of their grocery list when they are looking for healthy alternatives.

According to studies, the natural benefits of bananas include the intake of tryptophan (a protein that the body converts into serotonin, which helps you relax and improves your mood). The high-potassium levels in bananas also helps reduce blood pressure and normalize the heartbeat, sending a better flow of oxygen to the brain.

Communicating variations of how food can be used, such as bananas being a great stress reliever, gives customers more of a reason to consider buying them. With so many benefits to bananas, this is the best opportunity to spread the word! 

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