Organics Unlimited Responds to the FDA Comment Period on the Term ‘Natural’ in Food Labeling

Organics Unlimited Naturally Delicious

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) opened a public comment period on November 12 for those seeking to share their thoughts on the regulation of the word “natural” on food labels. This action came as a result of a series of petitions to the FDA prompted more insight into the term. The Packer states that three petitions asked FDA to define the term “natural” and one asked that the term be prohibited on food labels. Read more

Retail View: A snapshot of the California retail scene

California Produce Retail

Analyzing scan data from almost 3,800 California supermarkets, the latest Market Report from the Fresh Produce & Floral Council showed that fresh fruit and vegetable sales volume grew by 4 percent in 2012 while there was a 1 percent increase in retail dollar sales. Read more