Recipe: Banana Split Panini

Banana Split Panini
Photo courtesy: Valerie Mitchell of Mama Likes to Cook

Need something new to entertain the children this summer break? While this might not be the healthiest snack, it is certainly a delicious recipe that the kids can help you prepare. Have the children pick out their own ingredients, making sure they include organic bananas so they get as much potassium as they can. Have them use a cookie cutter to cut out their favorite shape or cartoon character for a more edible appearance. Read more

Recipe: Banana Whole Wheat Wrap

Banana Wheat Wrap

Looking for a nutritious, energy-boosting recipe? This healthy snack makes for a delicious breakfast wrap or afternoon lunch. Great for kids and adults alike, banana wheat wraps are an excellent alternative to sugar-rich commercial snacks and a fun substitute for regular sandwiches. Try whipping up this nourishing treat for you or your little ones.

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Recipe: French Toast Panini With Grilled Bananas

Recipe French Toast Panini With Grilled Bananas

Bananas are such a durable, incredible little yellow fruit that can be incorporated into so many different recipes. For instance, this recipe for a french toast panini with grilled bananas is a perfect example of creativity and deliciousness. Read more

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