Sustainability Affects Your Customer’s Lives Too!

Colima Organics Unlimited

Protecting the future is the main goal of sustainability, but Organics Unlimited knows that consumption of produce grown in a sustainable environment is safer for the body too. With so much competition between organic produce in the marketplace today, sustainability has become the difference-maker for consumers. By buying sustainable, they are not only respecting mother Earth, they also respecting their bodies.

When the growers of produce focus on profit and speed, the health implications on the final product can be dangerous. With this process, it is known that traces of pesticides and additives can be found, but largely ignored by consumers. Take the guess work for your customers away by purchasing sustainable products, and inform them of what they are putting in their bodies.

Responsible purchasing strategies allow you to control what is being designated for consumption and also improve public health in the community. This is a proactive way for you to serve the community by actually helping to prevent health problems. When you place Organics Unlimited bananas in your store, your community will benefit because they know exactly what they are eating. By examining the effects of our actions, we can make the right decisions when it comes to public health.

Your store will also benefit when customers find out what you are doing for the community’s health. By looking towards the future you are affecting the present health of your customers, which will drive sales. By marketing the benefits of purchasing sustainable products you will be respected as a store that looks out for their customer’s well-being first and foremost.

Buy sustainable, and protect your environment as well as your community’s health!

Organics Unlimited has many promotional items to help educate your customers understand the benefits of sustainability. If you’d like to be involved and to learn more about GROW, Organics Unlimited or how you can obtain Fair Trade Label Organics Unlimited bananas, visit,, or call (619) 710-0658.

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