Support Sales with Sampling

Banana Sampling

Sampling. One of the quickest ways to gain interest and support from your customers. Letting your customers try a sample of your product, especially organic bananas, is one sure-fire way of bringing in new sales. There are many different ways of how you can test out your produce and the important thing is to make it fun!

A question that often arises regarding organic bananas is, “Do they taste any better?” or “Can you taste a difference?” When you decide to sample organic bananas, do so by showcasing the difference between organic and conventional or as the main ingredient in a dish

Many customers who purchase organic bananas do so for the taste. Provide small samples to give your customers a taste test of what they’ve been missing. Challenge them to notice a difference. This will help raise interest and value in your product when they find out how much better organic is. Once they’ve tested them, give them information on sustainability and the social responsibilities of purchasing  Fair Trade or GROW label bananas.

Another idea: Incorporate organic bananas in a dish and bring cross marketing into the picture. Try out a few sample recipes and see what your customers like the most. Utilize this as an opportunity to highlight organic bananas as a main ingredient to a dish that requires additional shopping. If your customers like the recipe you’ve created, it will raise your sales of organic bananas and also force customers to buy other products to make the recipe on their own. Handing out recipe cards are also a simple reminder of the ingredients they need and the ability to share the recipe with their friends or family.

Point-of-purchase materials are a great way to segue the conversation from taste to information and facts. Hand them recipe cards, express the value, and highlight the benefits of buying organic. If you are interested in POP materials for free download or to purchase printed materials, learn more about our new POP online store.

If you’d like to be involved and to learn more about Organics Unlimited, GROW, or how you can obtain Fair Trade Label Organics Unlimited bananas, visit,, or call (619) 710-0658.

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