Support Healthier Lunches for Back to School!

GROW Healthier Lunches for Back to School

September is just around the corner and families are wrapping up their summer vacations. Now more than ever, your customers have started shopping for back to school lunches. Just as eating healthy for adults is currently a big trend, parents are also encouraging their children to eat healthy. Back to school means opportunities to create new promotions for sales; make sure you are emphasizing the importance of healthy eating in your back to school promotions.

GROW by Organics Unlimited has partnered with Produce for Kids in their Power Your Lunchbox Pledge through September 15, to help inspire families pack healthier lunches for their children. Share with your customers this program, and with each pledge we are donating money to

We are also celebrating GROW Month in September. This will be our ninth annual GROW Month, which we believe will be our best yet. With our partnership with Produce for Kids and your support, we believe we can make a bigger difference. Let your customers know, by purchasing GROW bananas, they are helping families and workers in Mexico and Ecuador. The GROW Fund goes to education programs, scholarships, safe water projects, tutoring programs, health and vision clinics, and much more.

Also, join on Twitter today, August 20, to be involved in the Power Your Lunchbox Twitter Party. We will be answering questions and providing great healthy recipes.

For ideas and inspiration on merchandising visit the Organics Unlimited website and for ideas on creating healthier lunches for back to school students and parents visit The Power Lunchbox Pledge website.

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