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Because of our incredible customers, it is possible for children and young adults to receive an education they may have never had the opportunity to gain. By purchasing GROW bananas, you help underdeveloped communities learn beneficial health techniques that U.S. citizens take for granted. With GROW and your support, we can make great things happen.

Thanks to the GROW Fund, we have seen scholarship funding and health programs enrich the lives of others. Since its inception in 2005, GROW has seen 34 GROW Scholars in Mexico graduate from college! Seven of those 34 students graduated from the University of Colima this past month. 

The national average for students in Mexico that graduate high school and go to college is around 20%. Thanks to programs like GROW who help fund Project Amigo, 78% of students in community high schools go on to college.

GROW not only helps to provide a better education for young scholars,  it helps fund volunteer opportunities that increase better health awareness in these areas. For example, students from a Nevada high school visited Colima, Mexico to help support a dental clinic.

Volunteers helped apply flouride treatments, taught children how to brush their teeth properly, and supplied them with new toothbrushes. These little things may come as second nature to U.S. citizens, but for underdeveloped countries, they are valuable skills that they may have never learned without the help of GROW.

GROW provides many other opportunities, including student centers for rural communities and health services such as vision clinics. GROW helps over 400 people annually and will continue to strive for results each year.

When a graduate student of the University of Colima’s School of Law was asked how she kept going and what motivated her when she faced resistance from her family (who wanted her to work rather than go to school), she replied:

“It was all the people who came to Project Amigo to volunteer and help us kids. I met so many wonderful people, and they all told me that I could do it; that I could become whatever I wanted to become and I COULD change my future. They kept me going, even when my own family was against my efforts to do better.”

During GROW Month, show your customers how they can be involved with GROW and how they can volunteer with Project Amigo. Colima offers safe opportunities for volunteers who want to directly impact the lives of those touched by GROW.  Increasing awareness of special opportunities during GROW Month will be a positive emotional impact on your stores reputation.

If you’d like to be involved and to learn more about GROW and Organics Unlimited, visit,, or call (619) 710-0658.

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