Summer Merchandising Tips

With spring underway and summertime quickly approaching, more and more people will trek outdoors to bask in the summer sun. Your customers will want foods that travel well, promote healthy eating and please everyone in their families. Bananas are the perfect snack to take to the beach or tote to an outdoor picnic. They’re nutritious, don’t require refrigeration and are extremely convenient. Increasing banana sales is easy this time of year with some simple cross merchandising tips:

  • Display bananas near summer beach essentials like sunscreen, water toys and beach umbrellas. Encourage customers to purchase bananas for a quick snack that they can toss in their beach bag
  • Set picnic baskets near banana displays and develop some simple POP signage
  • Set a few bananas in a basket near the deli or sandwich case
  • Display bananas by deli salads and cold case
  • Display bananas near specialty and fresh-baked breads and fresh cheeses

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