Streamline Retail Merchandising by Partnering With Organic Growers

Organics Unlimited Banana PlantationSome of the most common issues merchandisers face include late or missing products and/or low quality produce that simply doesn’t sell or arrives spoiled. At Organics Unlimited, we harvest, package and ship our organic produce with the retail merchandiser in mind, solving these common issues. Since the task of retail merchandising can be stressful, it is important to carry organic bananas from growers that provide services catered to specific merchandising needs to ensure greater efficiency and increased overall revenue. When choosing to partner with a produce grower, retailers need to consider companies that focus on easing the merchandising process from the receiving to display process.

Work with a grower that provides strategic packaging

Packaging that is ready for showcase upon arrival provides the most effective and efficient means of arranging visual displays. Organics Unlimited’s organic bananas are packaged in attractive, sturdy and well-ventilated boxes that can be displayed immediately from its containers to retail shelves. Each individual set of organic bananas is wrapped with minimal packaging using only tape rather than an excessive amount of bags, reducing waste. The bananas can also be displayed directly from our boxes, which feature clear organic labeling with colorful, attractive artwork. To ease point-of-purchase processes, our organic bananas are pre-labeled with barcodes ready for checkout. This eliminates the process of having to create a manual barcode or a “number memorization” requirement among cashiers.

Monitor all shipments for reliability and consistency

While many produce growers tout reliability and quality as the highlights of their service, consistency on these promises is the true indicator of continual, smooth merchandising. Organics Unlimited supplies its organic bananas year-round and uses industry standards of supply preservation in climate-controlled trucks. Shipments are also sent out only after an order is placed and carefully monitored to ensure the highest quality bananas arrive on retail shelves. Retail merchandisers value this consistency since each shipment arrives on time, every time and in an on-going supply.

Ensure availability of organic produce for merchandising displays

Consumer demand for organic produce continues to steadily increase annually as more people are aware of the environmental and health problems often associated with conventional farming. In fact, this is increasing at such an exponential rate, conventional farm companies are working overtime to transition into organic farming methods to meet this demand. Organics Unlimited is proud to offer only organic bananas, plaintains and coconuts in its line-up of quality produce. Our sustainability program upholds a rich environment that produces only healthy, organic produce without the use of chemical pesticides. With this growing organic demand, retail merchandisers can benefit by incorporating more organic produce supplies front-and-center on displays and in catalogs.

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