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San Diego, CA (April 4, 2012) — Stop hibernating, winter is officially over! Starting this quarter, Organics Unlimited would like to remind retailers of the benefits of bananas. To aid merchandisers, Organics Unlimited will offer helpful hints that should pique the interest of consumers who want to engage in a more active lifestyle. These tips will include the nutritional value and benefits of bananas, ideas for grab-and-go merchandising, point of purchase materials, healthy recipes, and more.

Continuing their famous quote campaign for the year, this quarter’s ads in print and online publications pay tribute to Leigh Hunt, a famous English writer and poet, who once said, “The groundwork of all happiness is good health.” Organics Unlimited hopes that this message will help spark ideas with retailers to promote a more health conscious lifestyle for their customers.

Point of purchase materials for the healthy living campaign also includes attractive merchandising ideas that give shoppers incentives to purchase more organic bananas. Materials are available online at

Store merchandisers and produce managers can get ongoing ideas by following Organic Odes at Organics Unlimited has added a recipe section to their Facebook ( to provide additional ideas at both the store and consumer level.

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