Spotlight on Organics Unlimited’s Newest Agricultural Engineer

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Quality is important to Organics Unlimited. We guarantee our customers a certain level of quality in each box of organic bananas. Creating a quality product starts well before the boxes arrive in distribution centers or stores; it starts at the farm. We ensure our customers with a high level of quality by hiring knowledgeable engineers to lead the growing efforts and manage daily operation.

Organics Unlimited is pleased that Jairo Antonio Hernandez de los Santos is the latest engineer to join the team in Colima, Mexico.

Jairo has nearly 30 years of experience in various facets of agriculture. He graduated from the Universidad Mexicana in 1987 with a degree in agricultural engineering and began his career as an advisor for the department of agriculture in the Chiapas region of Mexico. He was responsible for planning, implementation and supervision of the fruit packaging process and oversaw more than 200 employees. Since then, he’s worked as a production manager for multiple banana and other perishable fruit companies throughout Mexico, managing staff as they monitor plant health, production, fruit harvesting, packing and more. Before joining the Organics Unlimited team, he was an independent agricultural advisor and would visit small operations to assess their production programs.

At Organics Unlimited, Jairo will help oversee some of the farms and workers. He’ll help ensure the quality of the organic fruits through soil testing, sunlight levels, irrigation management, plant health, maturation, harvesting and packing. Read more about the quality assurance process in this post featuring Marco, the Operations & Logistic Manager for Organics Unlimited.

A professional with extensive experience, Jairo is a hard worker and problem solver. He possesses English writing, reading and speaking skills, which are valuable when the Organics Unlimited farms may host visiting business partners. Organics Unlimited is happy to welcome Jairo and his family into the operations in Colima!

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