Sport Banana Marketing to Athletes

Sport Banana Marketing to Athletes

Growing up, many athletes are instilled with the idea that bananas are one of the best pre and post-workout treats. Athletes know they are good for the body, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re on their minds when they go shopping. With summer right around the corner, providing fun and simple facts about bananas targeted to engage athletes and fitness gurus alike will help boost sales.

Athletes and those looking to get in-shape pay close attention to their diet and energy levels. Why not remind them of the most beneficial and one of the healthiest snacks available? Bananas are perfect for grab-and-go, inexpensive, and the most convenient fruit around. They come in their own packaging and are essential to every athletes diet. Here are some key facts you should be conveying to your customers:

  • Bananas contain an immense amount of potassium. The human body requires potassium to maintain fundamental nervous and muscular function. With the help of potassium, athletes will increase their athletic performance through improved nerve conductivity and alleviate muscle cramps.
  • Exercising helps reduce stress and symptoms of depression, but so do bananas. Utilizing tryptophian, an amino acid found in bananas, athletes will become more relaxed and happier due to increased levels of a hormone called serotonin.
  • High amount of iron can also be found in bananas, which helps increase the production of hemoglobin that helps fight anemia.
  • There are three kinds of sugars in bananas: glucose, fructose, and sucrose. Glucose and fructose will give a healthy, quick energy boost, while sucrose will help maintain blood sugar and prevent crashing.
  • Bananas accommodate 15 percent of our daily Vitamin C to function and are also a good source of manganese, which helps strengthen bones, ligaments, and muscles. These vitamins also assist in the creation of adrenaline before and during workouts and reinforce the body’s immune system and prevent tissue damage.
  • Vitamin B6 found in bananas is also responsible for red blood cell formation, getting oxygen to hard-working muscles, converting food into energy, and building muscle.
  • For people looking to lose weight, bananas are full of complex carbs, such as fiber, making you feel more full than other fruits and most foods. They are also low calorie; less than 100 each.

Athletes depend on a nutritious and meaningful diet in order to keep a healthy lifestyle. Help them gain the vitamins and nutrients they need by reminding them the importance of bananas. They are great for pre, mid, and post-workouts to help refuel the body and allow for anyone to reach peak performance and adequate energy.

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