Setting Up a GROW Display + Contest for Retailers!

GROW Month is quickly approaching, and we’re preparing supplies to make participation easy and effective for you. In addition to banana bags during the month of September, we will have downloadable POPs, recipe cards, weekly merchandising tips and in-store demos for select stores.

Setting up a GROW Month display is easy. First, contact Organics Unlimited and order GROW bananas, GROW banana bags and recipe cards for your store. Next, download our POP, print and display the POP near GROW bananas and recipe cards. When bananas start to ripen past the optimum selling stage, put them into a GROW banana bag printed with an easy recipe. Shoppers can purchase the ripened bananas to use for baking and cooking, and retailers can choose to sell these bananas at a discounted rate. Retailers can also lay the bags near the bananas and allow shoppers to select their own hands of bananas to place in the bags.

Would you like any special POPs or sales materials for your store? Contact us, and our design team can create materials specific to your store’s needs.

Coming next week: Special contest for creative organic displays! Check back for details.

We look forward to September, and thanks for your support!

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