Selling Nutritional Benefits of Bananas to Consumers

Who would have thought that something as small and simple as a banana could pack so many nutritional benefits? Giving consumers the hard nutritional facts about bananas could give great insight to what they are putting into their bodies. It could give more of an incentive to buy more frequently.

Bananas are the perfect  snack for those who like to live an active lifestyle. They have a protective shield for anyone on-the-go, looking for a quick and energizing snack before or after working out. Presenting them as such, could hoist sales in the spring months for those who are looking to shed winter pounds. Let’s break it down in figures:

  • Serving Size      =1 medium banana
  • Calories            =110
  • Fat                   =0 g
  • Cholesterol       =0 g
  • Potassium        =400 mg (10% of daily recommended value)
  • Dietary Fiber     =4 g (16% of daily recommended value)
  • Sugar               =14.8 g
  • Protein             =1 g (2% of daily recommended value)
  • Vitamin C         =16% of daily recommended value
  • Vitamin B6       =20% of daily recommended value

Potassium is important for keeping muscles healthy and strong, which makes bananas one of the best foods to fuel an active lifestyle. Potassium helps keep the heart, nervous system, kidneys, and bones in great shape as well.

Bananas also carry trace amounts of tryptophan, which helps create serotonin (a transmitter of chemicals that signals the brain to stay calm and stabilize moods). Vitamin B6 is also necessary to produce hemoglobin, antibodies, and immune response while maintaining proper blood to sugar ratios. 

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