Sell More Bananas During Stress Awareness Month

Stress Awareness Month Organics Unlimited Bananas

Since 1992, April has been dubbed Stress Awareness Month. Use this month to your advantage and increase your banana sales. Increase your customers’ awareness of bananas as stress relievers, and you’ll see them flying off the shelves. In this day and age, everyone needs a quick fix, why not hand them the solution on a silver platter?

World Health Day was April 7. Continue the trend of promoting healthy lifestyles to your customers by offering specials and increased emphasis on Stress Awareness Month this April. If you have a newsletter, make sure you give them tips on how to de-stress while highlighting the benefits of bananas.

  • Be sure to note that bananas have nutrients that help fight stress. Bananas have tryptophan and high-potassium. Both are able to relax the body, improve your mood, and reduce blood pressure. Our little yellow friends are one of the best natural ways to lower stress and create healthier customers.
  • Increase your chances to make a sale with bananas by offering a special one-day discount or coupon for bananas this month. Create a fun, stress-relieving checklist for your customers to grab while they shop, listing foods such as chocolate, bananas, and other items you sell in your stores to cross market.

Creating new opportunities to market your bananas will benefit your store in the long-run. Strengthen consumer education promotions to ultimately strengthen your sales.

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