Safe Water Project Testimonials from Children International

Safe Water Project Testimonials from Children International

Organics Unlimited is always looking for new ways in which we can help our communities benefit from the GROW program. We spoke previously regarding the work that Children International-Guayaquil is doing in Ecuador to provide clean water. It’s always nice to hear how the projects we support are doing and we’d like to share with you updates on how it has  affected the lives you are supporting when you purchase GROW bananas.

Ms. ESther Bueno with Christian LimonesEsther Bueno, with her 9-year-old son, Christian Limones Bueno
Esther, her husband, Mariano, and 9-year-old Christian, attended important Safe Water workshops held by Children International-Guayaquil.  The workshops provide Children International sponsored children and their families with the knowledge they need to ensure the appropriate practices for the maintenance of drinking and cooking water.  Here, Esther and Christian proudly display the educational materials they received at the workshops.  Esther expressed her thanks to Children International and the GROW Fund for helping their family.

Gina VillegasGina Villegas, a 17-year-old sponsored youth
“My name is Gina Villegas Holguin; I’m 17 years old and I’m sponsored by Children International.  I’m proud to tell you that I can speak to you about safe water practices. The workshops provided by Children International gave us the knowledge we need to avoid chronic conditions like typhoid fever, diarrhea and hepatitis.  We now know how important it is to clean the water containers and boil the drinking water for 10-12 minutes to prevent disease … which is especially important for the younger children and older members of the family.  I’m honored to express my thanks to the GROW Fund and Children International for making these workshops possible.”

Ms.Johana GonzalezMrs. Johana Gonzalez, mother of a Children International-sponsored child in Guayaquil, Ecuador
Mrs. Gonzalez completed the series of Safe Water workshops that were facilitated by Children International-Guayaquil, and now understands the importance of safe water practices.  She is shown in this photo in her kitchen with the new potable water container she received to store the family’s drinking water.  Mrs. Gonzalez stated “I’ve learned how to chlorinate the water for drinking and to store water used for different purposes in different containers.  The empty containers should be turned upside down to dry and all water containers should have lids to avoid mosquito larvae to grow.  My thanks to the GROW Fund and to Children International for your help to my family!”

It’s time to let your customers know that they are helping changing the world by purchasing GROW bananas.  All we ask is that they “Buy a banana. Change a life.”  Check out our online store for new POP materials for each of your stores for GROW Month and do your part to help change the world. Contact us at for login information.

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