Safe Water Project Continues to GROW in Ecuador

GROW Safe Water Project Continues in Ecuador

Thanks to your support of the GROW program, Children International made a Safe Water Project possible in the Flor de Bastión Cooperative area of Guayaquil, Ecuador. A total of 400 families are being served by this project – impacting about 1,500 people.

The Safe Water Project continues to provide educational workshops on the importance of using purified water and on safe water practices for disease prevention. Participants receive an informational workbook and, upon completion of the training, they receive a 20-liter plastic water container for potable water storage.

Home visits continue to take place where Children International staff members observe the families’ water storage and usage to verify their knowledge of the information discussed in the workshops.

Alicia Miller, Grants Manager and Program Officer for Education, Arts & Culture
of Children International, had this to say:

“This important project is on-going and continues to educate hundreds of poor families in Guayaquil. Children International understands the need for safe, potable water and we are deeply grateful to the GROW Fund and the International Community Foundation for making this worthy project possible for our sponsored community in Guayaquil.”

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