Recognize the Importance of Earth Day

At Organics Unlimited, we care about our planet. Our mission has always been to provide a product that is fully sustainable to the Earth ensuring that growing areas maintain a long-term healthy environment. In a world where organic produce buying is on the rise, it is important that your customers know that through purchasing Organics Unlimited bananas they are contributing to a better, healthier planet.

Our produce is closely controlled through the entire growing, harvesting, and distribution process to provide the best quality possible to our customers. Because most of our product is grown and shipped right from our farms in Mexico, which is the closest source of bananas to the U.S., we minimize the carbon footprint of bananas consumed by the U.S.

Through our growing, we are committed to control disease and pest problems through working with nature, not fighting it. This includes the elimination of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. In fact, we are the only certified organic warehouse in San Diego, CA. 

To conserve water, a well was dug that has substituted a previous irrigation canal. This provides less evaporation, and uses the natural ground water as a supplement to rain water, which is sufficient during parts of the year.

These are just a few of the steps we take into consideration when trying to preserve the planet. We want to know what you will be doing for Earth Day, Sunday April 22. Let us know by writing on our Facebook wall or sending us a tweet @OUBananas

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