Reaching Goals and Paying It Forward

Last week you read Carlos Daniel’s story. His story told us how GROW has given him hope and the opportunity to pursue a new future. Most importantly, he shared that he wanted to use the opportunity given to him by GROW to help others in the future.

Today Carlos Daniel tells us about how he has reached his goals and is now developing programs to help children in his community:

“My name is Carlos Daniel, I have always wanted to succeed. I fight for what I want and reaching my goals makes me happy.

This year I saw some of my dreams become a reality, among these are two achievements that I wish to share. The first is a goal I reached in high school but completed one month ago, I am now legally an accounting assistant. I now have the title in my hands and that makes me very happy, I have now reached one of my dreams.

Another achievement is that I started a project which consists of helping kids who have problems with math, to help them learn easily using their abilities, and to help children in their last year of pre-school to learn to read. Last week I completed the work for these groups and I observed the results. I have decided to continue this project and am thinking about looking for financing to do it with more groups, but that is still in the preliminary stages. All I know is that I am truly happy now because of what I achieved with these kids and I hope to be able to continue with this dream. It is something that I achieved this year and I wished to share.

Thank you GROW for making my dreams come true.”

GROW is helping young people with limited resources create a better future for themselves and their families. Carlos now has an accounting assistant title and is paying it forward by helping other children in his community. Help children reach their dreams by buying GROW bananas or donating directly to the GROW fund through the facebook page’s Donate tab.

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