Reach Customers Digitally to Gain More Traffic Online and In-Store


We live in an age where food isn’t just consumed physically, but also through information. More than ever, consumers want to know more about what they are digesting and where it comes from. Aside from labeling products organic, your website can be a fantastic hub for customers to learn more about them.

Add signage next to produce that gives your customers an opportunity to learn more. This idea will motivate further investigation and drive traffic to your website to gain additional information as well as provide other opportunities to see what products you sell in-store and present full transparency.

Increased views on your website can create more foot traffic to your store. Knowledge is power and the more information you present to customers, the more likely they will trust the brands that you sell. Consumers can share this information with their friends and family, which can, in turn, be spread further.

Organics Unlimited offers plenty of information for you to utilize. It will give your customers knowledge about organic bananas that they may have never known about. Additionally, you can offer recipes and tips as we do to inspire new ideas at your store.

And don’t forget to take advantage of social media as well. Build your audience on sites such as Facebook or Twitter to gain more exposure to your website and in-store products.

Offering more information of your products online is key. People are so mobile today that they want everything in the palm of their hand right now. Give them what they want by offering information online today.

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