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San Diego, CA (February 1, 2012) — Famous quotes inspire many of us. Some live by them each day. Building on that notion, Organics Unlimited is launching a new marketing campaign for 2012 that will bestow words of wisdom upon the industry and consumers. The first ads and merchandising materials of the series focus on “quality,” quoting Aristotle. “Quality is not an act. It’s a habit.”

“The quality message reinforces our commitment to excellence,” says Organics Unlimited president Mayra Velazquez de Leon.  “We work continually on improving the quality of everything we do, from farming techniques to customer service and delivery.  When we talk to management at the distributor and retailer level, they are also focused on changing habits and making improvements in the new year.”

Throughout the first quarter of the year, Organics Unlimited will host a weekly contest promoting “quality” and will be encouraging the industry to participate. During February, Organics Unlimited will be asking for inspired quotes about “quality” through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Each week a quote will be chosen and used on the Organic Odes blog the following week. Each person who submits a quote that is used will receive a prize.

This year’s Famous Quotes campaign will include attractive point of purchase materials as well as merchandising ideas that give shoppers incentive to use an increasing number of organic bananas – already the most popular item in the produce department.  Store merchandisers and produce managers can get ongoing ideas by following Organic Odes. Organics Unlimited has added a recipe section to their Facebook to provide additional ideas at both the store and consumer level.

Organics Unlimited is a San Diego-based distributor of organic produce from Mexico and South America, providing GROW-certified bananas.  They are USDA certified for the US and Canada through Organic Certifiers.  Organics Unlimited offers organic bananas through their traditional label as well as the GROW label.  For more information on Organics Unlimited and GROW, visit their website at or call 619.710.0658.

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