Promote Organic Bananas Year-Round

Promote Organic Bananas Year-Round

There are many fruits that are seasonal, but organic bananas are one of the few that can be grown year-round. Give your customers continuous reasons to buy organic bananas throughout the year in your weekly e-mail newsletters. They are an invaluable resource that can provide opportunities for your customers to learn more about your products and gain perspective on unique benefits.

Today, we are constantly on our smart phones and on-the-go. Even when we are shopping, we’ll most likely be checking our phones at some point. This is a prime opportunity for e-mail newsletters to work their magic. Point-of-purchase materials are great for in-store signage, but an e-mail newsletter sells the customer on the idea of bananas when they are not in your stores and can give them an instant reminder to put organic bananas on their shopping list.

Inspiration and craft are necessary to develop content that sparks multiple viewings and recall. Aside from announcing sales, recipes are a perfect way to not only sell organic bananas, but also include a checklist of items needed that can be found at your store.

Additional information that can be inserted into your e-mail newsletters can be facts. It’s always a terrific idea to remind your customers of the nutritional and environmental benefits of organic bananas. Not only do they impact our body and mind, but the growing process is also very positive on the world.

And if you sell GROW organic bananas, be sure to link to GROW stories and updates that let your customers know how they are helping to support nonprofit causes. Your support of the the GROW program gives workers and their families opportunities such as health clinics, scholarships, and so much more. Learning that a product sold in your stores help developing communities thrive will give your customers a reason to share this information and pass on your e-mail newsletter to others.

There are multiple benefits that can be shared about organic bananas year-round. It is important to remind and encourage your customers of this information to help increase your sales.

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