Prepare for Summer: Merchandising and Display Ideas

Hammocks (such as this miniature one) can be used in organic banana displays as a way to evoke summer fun. Photo courtesy of The Hammock Shack on

As Memorial Day is the unofficial kickoff to summer around the nation, consider using the holiday weekend to change up your merchandising. Creating a playful produce display is a way to showcase organic bananas and other summer favorite fruits.

Fruit salad is a summer picnic and party staple. Create the illusion of a large fruit salad using a circular fruit display. Section off the round display into pie-shaped segments and fill each with a type of fruit, creating a colorful pinwheel. Top off the effect by placing an oversize bowl or basket in the center of the display and filling it with unpeeled and uncut fruit. This merchandising display is not only visually appealing, but useful; all a customer has to do is walk around the display and pick their favorites to make a fruit salad for their friends and family. Here’s a Guava Banana Fruit Salad recipe you can share with your customers.

Outdoor concerts and beach trips are ideal times for families to pack picnic baskets. Remind shoppers that organic bananas are a great fruit for picnics by creating a display showcasing picnic baskets overflowing with Organics Unlimited bananas. You can even consider cross-merchandising by placing peanut butter and bread in the baskets to stir the idea of a picnic with sandwiches for the whole family.

Consider using other iconic summer items as props in a banana display. Open up two colorful beach umbrellas and place them on either side of a produce table. Then, string a hammock above the table hanging from the umbrella poles. Fill the hammock up with fruit and place bananas on the produce table, and you’ve created a fun, summer-filled produce display.

Finally, consider cross-merchandising with other summer products your store sells and create a one-stop-shop for summer foods and fun. Bottled water, coconut water, refreshing juices, seasonal fruits, s’more ingredients, hot dog buns and more are some grocery items to include. However, if your store sells other items, you can create an even more visual display: colorful plastic dishes and cups, paper plates, bright picnic tablecloths, sunscreen, sidewalk chalk, citronella candles and more can be used to inspire images of summer. It may also remind your customers of other items they need to pick up before they proceed to the check-out registers!

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