Prepare for GROW Month 2012

GROW by Organics Unlimited

We’re gearing up for GROW Month in September! Until then, we will be providing you with vital information about GROW (Giving Resources and Opportunities to Workers) and how you can participate.

Expect to see a lot of in-store opportunities to invite your customers to learn more about GROW! From visually informative point of purchase materials to competitive retailer contests, we are looking to make GROW month better than ever!

GROW is an important part of Organics Unlimited. With every purchase of GROW bananas, a portion of the profits go toward Organics Unlimited workers and their families in Mexico, providing them with chances to increase their children’s education, crucial health benefits, and more.  Every year around this time, we ask that our customers increase the level of awareness to their customers for this wonderful cause.

This year we will have the materials necessary to help spread the word. Look forward to:

  • Display materials
  • Recipe cards
  • Banana bags
  • Support for events
  • And more

If you need any merchandising help, we will be there for you! If you’d like GROW to help sponsor events, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We will be hosting two separate contests during GROW Month that require some creativity. These contests will help spark consumer enthusiasm toward the GROW label and Organics Unlimited, while letting our retailers show us what GROW means to them! One contest will focus on in-store displays and the other contest will be about in-store demos with fun recipes.

Be sure to follow us on GROW’s Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with everything GROW Month! And of course follow Organics Unlimited on Facebook and Twitter too!

To learn more about GROW and Organics Unlimited products and services, visit or call (619)710-0658.

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