Planting Our Social Media Seeds

For a decade, Organics Unlimited has led the trail in providing organic tropical fruit to consumers in the US, Canada and Asia. We are committed to our consumers and a champion for the proliferation of organic produce and the adoption of a healthier lifestyle.

The organic foods industry is a tightly knit community with strong values and opinions. To better serve this community and maintain our close relationships, we are excited to announce our new Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Flickr pages.

It’s easy. Join our new Facebook fan page to see in-depth company news, facts and photos; or follow us on Twitter to receive up to date produce deals, news, and live coverage of organic trade shows and events. Browse our Flickr page to view high quality photos of our harvests, organic-certified farms, employees and the children benefiting from our GROW program.

Our online community is helping to gain support and maintain a positive future for the growth of organic fruit and the families of the workers that help grow them. Friend/Follow/Join us today and remember to subscribe to our blog to learn more about our organic bananas and GROW program.

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