Plan Ahead for a Fruitful 2015 with Organic Bananas

Plan Ahead for a Fruitful 2015 with Organic Bananas

It’s been a great 2014, and we are thankful for all our customers and GROW supporters who continue to choose Organics Unlimited. As we move into 2015, we promise to keep delivering only the freshest, most delicious sustainable organic bananas on the market. What are your objectives for 2015 and how can you plan ahead?

Set obtainable goals for the New Year. By planning ahead now, you’ll be able to accomplish your goals more easily without adding more work. Take advantage of logistics calendars to coordinate your organic banana orders more efficiently. Bananas are the number one fruit purchased year round, and keeping a steadily stocked produce section is a sure fire way of maintaining happy customers.

Always mind holidays and special occasions. Bananas can be a part of any special occasion with the right signage or display. Ensure every element well in advance so you won’t get caught up in the rush of the moment. Develop lead times for yourself so you can work on different aspects of your plan along the way.

Put time into managing your website, e-mail newsletters and social media accounts. It’s important to stay active online to gain your customers’ attentions. They are regularly on their mobile devices or on computers at home. This is a great way to help spread word of mouth about your products, but also it will help monitor your customers’ activities and gain feedback.

Do you have a blog? Starting a blog is another way to communicate with your customers and open up a channel of dialogue to understand their needs. Your blog can help spark new ideas and provide incentives in the direction you want to steer. A blog can also help drive traffic to your website, build more followers to your social media and gain new subscribers to your newsletter.

Go beyond the virtual world and partner with local organizations or sponsor community events. Being a part of your community can make an impact on your customers and spread awareness to potentially new ones. Whether it’s a fun run, a farmers market, or a partnership with a nonprofit; increasing exposure to different parts of your community will drive more credibility to your brand.

Consider participating in or attending trade show. Get the leg up on your competitors and see what trends are growing. Visiting trade shows can help you stay in touch with how the market is changing and what you can do to prepare.

Don’t forget about in-store demos! Give your customers taste tests to prove that organic is more delicious than conventional. There are many who still have not made the switch and it’s sometimes just a matter of first hand experience that will create a response to buy. Or utilize recipes that incorporate multiple products to cross-market each other.

There are many ways you can plan for the New Year. In order to make it a successful 2015, there’s nothing more crucial than planning ahead.

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