Perfectly Fresh Means Happier Customers


When your customers shop the produce aisles, they’re looking for quality, freshness and appeal.  What they see that looks at the peak of ripeness without being past its prime is what they will often buy. So the more that they can rely on your stores for “perfectly fresh” produce choices, the more they will come back specifically to fill their carts with good tasting bananas, tomatoes, melons and peppers. 

At Organics Unlimited, we have developed a harvesting and distribution system that ensures the organic bananas you have to offer your customers are always “perfectly fresh.” Our process is based on picking bananas in response to your orders and not before.

As growers and importers of bananas, Organics Unlimited takes the process from farm to market very seriously. Our bananas, most of which are grown in Mexico, are harvested, cleaned, cooled and packed right at our farms.  Within hours, your quality organic bananas are loaded on temperature-controlled trucks and are headed to the U.S. for ripening and delivery. In no more than four days, they have crossed the border into San Diego and are delivered to our warehouse.

When contrasted with most bananas that come from South America, our just-in-time delivery makes a major difference. The timing of ocean freight can mean that bananas often don’t reach the US until two to four weeks from harvesting. And with pending port problems, distribution that can be controlled through trucking is reliable and helps to guarantee quality.

Your customers will notice the freshness difference. They’ll rave about the improved taste with bananas that are at their best. Visit our website for merchandising tips to expand your organic banana sales.

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