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One of the questions people ask the most is, “Where do Organics Unlimited bananas come from?” Most people know that our bananas are grown in a sustainable manner in our farms in Mexico and Ecuador, and that our farming methods uphold our commitment to the environment. But how great would it be to be able to tour our farms? Sometimes a picture is worth a hundred words, and videos are even better. We are proud to announce that now you can take a tour of our farms by viewing our newest video “Our Farms”.

This video is featured on our YouTube channel, and is also featured on our website. In it, you will see some our banana plants, our fields and our workers. You will also get a peek at the process that takes place after harvesting, from washing the bananas to packing them in our eco-friendly, display-ready boxes.

Our eco-family welcomes you to our farms at Organics Unlimited!

Click here to watch the video.


To learn more about our organic bananas and how you can offer Organics Unlimited and GROW organic bananas in your store, please visit OrganicsUnlimited.com. You may also follow Organics Unlimited on Facebook and Twitter for more news.

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