Organics Unlimited’s Five Points to Drive Sales

Organics Unlimited 5 Points To Drive Sales Bananas

Last week we introduced plans for our 2013 Sales Support Kit. Over the next few weeks we will be slowly introducing elements of what this entails and how you can reap the benefits. One of the major focuses of this Support Kit is our Five Points to Drive Sales. These five key elements have been developed in a way so you can maximize potential sales of organic bananas.

When it comes to driving sales, Organics Unlimited fully supports retailers. The fundamental areas that the Five Points to Drive Sales plan focuses on are nutritional value, the convenience of purchase, alternative forms of consumption, strategic displays, and organic versus conventional. These hot topics are integral to your stores’ increase in sales.

Nutritional Value – Consumers have changed. Nutrition is one of the highest deciding factors for food these days. It is important, especially with produce, to inform your customers of what they are ingesting. Mentioning how bananas can help your customers both physically and mentally multiply the movement of the product.

Convenience of PurchaseThe placement of a product contributes to its convenience. The easier you make it for a customer to find the bananas, the easier it will be to sell bananas. You may also want to think about pricing them individually rather than by the pound. Seeing the cost per banana can introduce a new mindset and catch customers who are on-the-go.

Alternative Forms of ConsumptionBananas have many hidden qualities that may not be top of mind. From shoe polish to teeth whitening, bananas can be utilized in multiple different ways. Not only that, but they can be used in all sorts of recipes that can be cross marketed with other items in your store(s).

Strategic Displays – Retail customers are big on visuals. Making sure your produce is properly displayed or has appealing signage is critical in gaining attention. Don’t just think produce section. Adding signage throughout your stores that correlate to bananas can direct customers back to the produce department and still be able to shop for other products.

Organic Vs. Conventional – The debate wages on, but organic produce sales have continued to steadily increase. With customers worrying more about their health these days, organic has been the answer. Conveying the benefits of organic, not just for customer health, but also for social responsibility and sustainability reasons, will drive more organic sales.

Please stay tuned to Organic Odes as we release more details on each of the Five Points to Drive Sales plan throughout the quarter.

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