Organics Unlimited’s Five Points to Drive Sales: Strategic Displays

Organics Unlimited’s Five Points to Drive Sales Strategic Displays

For the fourth topic of our Five Points to Drive Sales plan, we will be discussing how to strategically display your product to your advantage. By selling the nutritional benefits, making your produce more convenient, and cross marketing alternative uses, you have a good start. Including engaging displays around your store will increase your traffic to the produce section, meaning more organic banana sales.

Displays go hand-in-hand with sales. No one will know what you are selling if it is not visually conveyed. Traditionally, posters and header cards are simple and easy to use. This is signage that can be hung, placed on walls or set up on stands.

If you have the space, one of the best ways to promote bananas is through taste tests. Most people may know what bananas taste like, but for many, they may have never tried an organic banana. This is a great way to sell them on the difference. Allowing your customers to taste the difference will be an eye opener. Hand them a pamphlet or brochure that gives the reasons why organic is better, including the nutritional values and other benefits.

Go even bigger with your demos by utilizing unique recipes that bring out the flavor of bananas. This is a terrific tactic that will have your customers buying bananas for the main ingredient, while also creating additional sales to complete the recipe. Hand out recipe cards that list the ingredients so they don’t forget a single item.

Not every store has the luxury of space for big signs or demos. Use shelf-talkers as a small alternative. These work wonders anywhere in your store; especially when you are trying to cross market with other items. Bananas blend well with many foods such as yogurt, granola, peanut butter and ice cream. Place shelf-takers near these foods that say, “Pairs well with bananas.” It will place the idea in their mind for when they walk into the produce section or make them go back. This also works with recipes that call for bananas.

Catch your shoppers off guard in a positive way. Customers may have grown accustom to not hearing overhead PA announcements about food anymore, but if they hear an announcement they will most likely listen. Periodically make mention of the values and benefits of bananas over the PA. The awareness will hit the entire store during busy hours and is a fun, old-school method that speaks volumes, literally. For example:

“Attention shoppers. Did you know that buying organic bananas is not only healthy for you body, but also for the Earth. Grown on sustainable farms, organic bananas contain no potentially harmful pesticides. Find them now in our produce section for 30 cents each!”

Engage your customers on a visual and verbal level that will keep organic bananas top of mind no matter where they are in the store and watch your sales grow.

Strategic Displays is one of five topics we touch upon that will help you grow your organic banana sales. Please read about our other Five Points to Drive Sales which includes Nutritional Benefits, Alternative Usage, Convenience of Purchase, and Organic vs. Conventional.

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