Organics Unlimited’s Five Points to Drive Sales: Convenience

Organics Unlimited Five Points To Drive Sales Convenience

As we move forward in delivering each of our Five Points to Drive Sales – promotion of nutritional value was discussed last week – this week we will go over how to create convenience for your customers. With so much to do and so little time, consumers are on the go. Providing customers with alternative means of purchasing bananas will help generate a sense of ease and increase your sales.

A classic setup within a supermarket is having your bananas on a tiered form of shelving or on top of each other in bunches, sold by the pound. Get your customers thinking outside the box and provide them with options they may not be used to. Whether it is changing the way you price your bananas, the way you offer them, or where you place them in your store, giving your customers different, more convenient choices will capture their attention.

Convenience is key for many, make sure you have a good number of organic bananas at a level of ripeness that will attract those who are looking to eat them right away. Not everyone has time to wait for their bananas to ripen, they want them as soon as they walk out of the store. Consider offering bananas at all ripeness levels.

Set your pricing per-banana rather than per-pound to show your customers that the price differention between organic and non-organic is not as large as they think. Not only will this appeal to those looking to stay healthy and keep down costs, but this will also draw customers who are on-the-go.

Displaying bananas individually can also convey to customers that they do not have to buy the whole bunch. The idea is to let them grab and go without worrying how many pounds or bananas they are committing to. If they only want one, the convenience of individual bananas on display gives the idea that they can come in daily to make quick purchases, creating repeat customers.

Sometimes consumers have too much on their mind and may forget to grab organic bananas. Many people like bananas in their cereal or other complimentary foods; make sure they don’t have to go out of their way. Put bananas in hanging baskets or displays so they can easily take them alongside with what they came in for. Don’t forget about your last chance opportunities, the checkstands. These are the perfect place to offer bananas because you are giving them a healthier alternative to candy or gum.

By utilizing these simple and convenient methods, you will begin to see an increased awareness of organic bananas that will help drive sales.

Convenience is one of five topics we touch upon that will help you grow your organic banana sales. Please read about our other Five Points to Drive Sales which includes Nutritional Benefits, Alternative Usage, Strategic Displays, and Organic vs. Conventional.

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