Organics Unlimited’s Five Points to Drive Sales: Alternative Usage

Organics Unlimited’s Five Points to Drive Sales Alternative Uses for Bananas

We’ve reached the third topic of our Five Points to Drive Sales. Aside from nutritional value and convenience, Organics Unlimited would like to talk about how you can promote alternative uses of bananas. They are more than just a grab-and-go fruit; there are plenty of ways consumers can integrate bananas into their daily lives. Exposing those alternatives can mean increased sales for you.

Gaining repeat customers who enjoy bananas as a tasty, healthy food source can be easy. Obtaining new interest or snagging casual buyers is the tricky part. Immerse new or casual buyers in the thought of alternative ways t0 use bananas and you’ll introduce a whole new way of thinking, thus adding even more benefits to bananas than some may have thought possible.

We all know bananas are a great source of nutrition, but what else can they do? Bananas can be used for face masks, a tenderizer, silverware and shoe polish, as a gardening aid to deter aphids, fertilizer, and they can attract birds and butterflies (source: Reader’s Digest). Highlighting these alternatives and more can entice non-bananas eaters, but also excite those who already consume the fruit on a regular basis.

One of the best parts of including recipes or other alternative means of utilizing bananas is the cross marketing opportunity. If you’re promoting bananas as a non-food product, place them in a unique area of your store and provide information on how they can be used. For example, put bananas near the meat section and suggest to your customers how they are a great way to tenderize their next roast. The same can be done if you own a supermarket with more than food items and have other departments where bananas can be used as alternatives.

Bananas are also a perfect ingredient to include in all sorts of recipes, such as muffins, cakes, smoothies, soups, breads, and even main dishes. Maybe customers are having difficulty finding ways to interest their children in eating bananas. This is your opportunity to give them easy, fun recipes that revolve around bananas that they can cook and enjoy with them.

Another cross marketing opportunity is setting up areas that gather the ingredients all in one spot. Say if you were to promote banana bread or chocolate banana muffin recipes, place these ingredients together. Not only will you be providing convenience to your customers, but you’ll also be adding many more items into their shopping carts.

Establish a fresh mind set for your customers by suggesting alternative uses of bananas that will bring new intrigue and more sales to your store.

Alternative Usage is one of five topics we touch upon that will help you grow your organic banana sales. Please read about our other Five Points to Drive Sales which includes Nutritional Benefits, Strategic Displays, Convenience of Purchase, and Organic vs. Conventional.

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