Organics Unlimited Knows Sustainability

Organics Unlimited Farms

Organics Unlimited would like you to  increase awareness of sustainability. It is an important aspect in organic produce farming, and it would be great for your customers to understand the benefits. Sharing facts about how sustainability protects our planet will give them a better appreciation for organic produce, thus help increase your sales.

When it comes to sustainability, Organics Unlimited knows best. For four generations, we have practiced safe, sustainable methods of cultivating bananas on our farms. Sustainability is the capacity for an ecosystem to exist and become better so that it can continue to fill the needs of future generations. The management at Organics Unlimited works continually to enhance and add programs that will reach this goal.

Integrating sustainability practices within your store will work in your favor too. When customers learn that your store practices sustainability by recycling all that can be recycled, provide your customers with more organic produce, and donating outdated products, these are positive attributes that they can latch onto, drive buzz and increase sales.

All of these practices can help sustain our planet and will continue to fundamentally keep a natural balance in the world. Not only is this safer for your customers to eat, but it also gives us a safer place to live.

Organics Unlimited has many promotional items to help educate your customers on the benefits of sustainability. If you’d like to be involved and to learn more about GROW, Organics Unlimited or how you can obtain Fair Trade Label Organics Unlimited bananas, visit,, or call (619) 710-0658.

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