Organics Unlimited Focuses on the Present to Create a Better Future

Organics Unlimited Logo

San Diego, CA (October 4, 2012) — As Organics Unlimited heads into the fourth quarter, the company would like to remind its customers that sustainability is important for future generations. Helping merchandisers relay this message to consumers, Organics Unlimited will offer special fourth quarter point-of-purchase materials and provide tips to show the benefits of buying sustainable produce.

Rolling out the final installment of their famous quote campaign, this quarter’s print and online ads recognize Wendell Berry, a poet, activist and writer who stated, “The only possible guarantee for the future is responsible behavior in the present.” The management at Organics Unlimited works continually to enhance and add programs that will reach this goal.

“Sustainability is a key priority at Organics Unlimited,” says Mayra Velazquez de Leon, President and Co-Founder of Organics Unlimited. “Not only is our company focused on social responsibility with GROW [Giving Resources and Opportunities to Workers], but we must always keep in mind the safety of our planet for the future.”

Materials for sustainability marketing will be available online at Retailers who are would like to educate their customers on sustainability can look to the company’s blog at for insights and tips.

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