Organic Produce Summit is a Success!


This week, Organics Unlimited showcased its fresh organic bananas at Organic Produce Summit in Monterey, California. Joining Organics Unlimited were the over 900 people in attendance, including growers, distributors, processors and nearly 200 retailers from over 70 different buying organizations.

The show kicked off with an opening reception which allowed participants to meet, greet and share knowledge and ideas on the produce industry. The next day, participants were invited to attend a series of educational sessions where keynote speakers covered a wide range of topics related to the booming organic produce category. The day culminated with the exhibition floor, where a wide selection of organic fresh produce companies proudly displayed their produce.

Organics Unlimited was pleased to not only showcase high-quality, organic bananas, but also share a bit about what makes them a truly unique company; like the sustainable farming practices that benefit the environment and the GROW by Organics Unlimited program that helps entire communities lead a healthier life.

It was wonderful to be able to greet new friends, see old acquaintances, share knowledge and meet future customers. If you were able to go to Organic Produce Summit and we missed saying hi to you, please feel free to reach out to us. We can’t wait to see everyone again next year.

To learn more about our organic bananas and how you can offer Organics Unlimited and GROW organic bananas in your store, please visit You may also follow Organics Unlimited on Facebook and Twitter for more news.

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