Organic Coconuts – Sustainable Purchases

Coconuts are found in most produce departments, but consumers often don’t buy then because they don’t know what to do with them.  To increase your coconut sales, provide some handy tips for dealing with these hairy produce critters! 

How to pick a coconut:

Good quality coconuts will be juice heavy for their size. You can hear the milk inside a coconut when it is shaken. Avoid coconuts without liquid inside or those with cracked husks and wet or moldy eyes.

How to open a coconut:

1.       Using a screwdriver, corkscrew or a metal skewer make holes in two out of three coconut “eyes”
2.    Drain the coconut water
3.    Wrap the coconut in a towel
4.    With a hammer tap around the coconut’s “equator” till the coconut opens. If you need straight lines, use a hand saw
5.    To release the flesh insert a butter knife between the flesh and the shell and break off small chunks
6.    Shred or slice using a greater, V-slicer or similar
7.    To store for later use, bake in oven on low temperature until dry to touch but still white.

How to use the coconut:

Packaged shredded coconut usually contains preservatives, so fresh organic coconut will be better for your customer’s health.  The coconut water is a refreshing, nutritious beverage.  And the shells?  Well, they can be used for a variety of things.  How about recommending using them as planters or bird baths for your more nature-oriented shoppers who would like to have a completely sustainable purchase?

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