Organic Bananas are Naturally Delicious

Organic Bananas are Natural Delicious

It’s without a doubt that organic bananas taste considerably better than conventional bananas. Thanks to the organic growing process, and the fact that ours come from as close as Mexico, the fruit tastes better and fresher. Simply put, organic bananas are naturally delicious. Use this to your advantage when selling organic bananas to your customers. 

Many consumers may think that the peel protects bananas from the chemicals and pesticides when they are grown conventionally. But since growing is a systemic process, some of the residue remains in the bananas. The natural growing process makes the taste of bananas sweeter and more flavorful.

If there is one reason you can hook your customers on organic bananas is by offering them a taste test challenge. Issue them a chance to put conventional bananas up against Organics Unlimited bananas to prove the naturally delicious difference. They’ll be amazed by the taste.

Turn your customers into true believers of organic and the word of how great organic bananas are will spread to their friends and family. The naturally delicious taste test challenge is an easy, low hassle way to bring organic bananas into your customers’ every day lives.

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