Marketing to Kids for Mother’s Day

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Sunday, May 10 is Mother’s Day, and moms across the country will be treated like queens by their loving children. Those kids might need a little help in planning a special breakfast-in-bed for their moms, which means fathers or guardians will be making some grocery store visits in order to plan a love-filled morning.

This provides the perfect opportunity to market Organics Unlimited products to children. Bananas are already a food that’s recognized from an early age, but there are multiple ways you can merchandise them in order to attract extra attention from little ones’ eyes, such as:

  • Place banana “trees” near items that pair well with them, as shown above. These banana trees allow children of all ages to reach out and choose the bananas they want.
  • Use colorful, vertical signs at the end of your displays so small children can spot them. The unique shape of a banana lends itself perfectly to tall, skinny signage.
  • Display products on tiered levels using shelves or baskets. Think of what a child would see at eye level and create product displays at that height that allow them to see and touch the bananas.
  • Cross-merchandise items with Organics Unlimited bananas that will create a balanced breakfast. Perhaps pancake mix and chocolate chips; peanut butter, bread and honey; a variety of colorful fruits to create a salad; or various hot and cold cereals. See our recipe blog for inspiration.
  • Cross-merchandise other items that appeal directly to kids: fruit snacks, pre-packaged sliced fruits, vegetable-and-dip packs, and cheesy crackers, to name a few. By creating a “just for kids” snack display, little ones will feel important and drag their guardians over to explore all the tasty items.
  • Use a few colorful helium balloons to mark Organics Unlimited bananas as a special Mother’s Day item; kids will be drawn to the balloons. You could even consider giving balloons away to children who approach the display.
  • Children are very observant, especially with things closer to their line of sight. Floor stickers – perhaps in the shape of monkey feet or banana peels – that lead to the Organics Unlimited bananas provide a whimsical pathway for children to follow.
  • Oftentimes, customers won’t come to the grocery store with a set plan of what to make Mom for Mother’s Day. Place a display of Organics Unlimited bananas very near the entryway to the grocery store or to the produce section. By keeping bananas as the top-of-mind item, you can help inspire banana-based breakfast ideas in the minds of children and their dads.

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