Logistics and Distribution Plays a Big Role in Organic Bananas

Logistics and Distribution Plays a Bigger Role in Organic Bananas

A good logistics system improves the quality of produce to the end consumer. And depending on where you are, deciding on a produce distributor closest to your area of operations is always the best course of action to limit a carbon footprint. With Organics Unlimited’s farms in Mexico, we are able to provide our customers with the highest quality, freshest organic bananas in a short amount of time. 

At Organics Unlimited we work on a just-in-time distribution system. This means that we work hard to deliver your organic bananas to your retail locations when you need them. The average time to receive bananas by ocean freight from South America can range from two weeks to a month. Our process means the bananas are in the US in about four days time.

Our faster distribution improves the quality of our organic bananas. We do not rush our growing process, we take careful steps to ensure you are receiving truly organic bananas at their finest. Since our farms are close and our bananas travel by refrigerated trucks it means your produce has not been sitting in a freighter for weeks.

Choosing an organic banana supplier has many factors, but consideration of distance and time is a key component in delivering the best produce to your customers. Less transportation time means less of a chance for something to go wrong.

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