GROW Story: Leonel

GROW gives kids more than the resources to keep studying. The program gives these kids confidence in themselves as well as a community that offers them support and friendship. Today, Leonel tells us how he found new friends and new goals through the program. 

“My name is Leonel. My dad works in the fields. My mother is an assistant at the school cafeteria. This scholarship that GROW gave me is very important to me, because without it, it would have been very difficult for me to continue studying. Before I learned of this scholarship I did not plan on starting a career, much less finishing one, but after experiencing the support that GROW gives me, everything changed because now I have set a goal and little by little I feel that I am reaching it.

The first day of the homework club I was nervous because I did not know anyone except my cousin Cesareo. It was very difficult for me to go because I did not know anybody, in fact sometimes I got there late or didn’t show up, but every day the group got closer to me and I got closer to the group. Some Saturdays and Sundays we go to the beach to do social service cleaning up trash left by people). It makes me so happy that I have found a big family in them.

For me, this scholarship has been the best thing that has ever happened. Currently in my junior year of high school, I’ve been with this scholarship for three years and I am very happy because since I’ve been here my grade point average has gone up, I am more responsible, humble and sociable. I am grateful to my sponsors Mayra and Manuel for the great opportunity they are providing me that is helping me become a better person.

Thank you so much to my sponsors from GROW.”

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